Digital Sign and Graphics Industry

Coding Products manufactures high performance SignFoils™ thermal transfer resin ribbons for the digital sign and graphics industry. Formulated for use in Gerber Edge™ and Edge FX™ sign printers, these ribbons are available in a wide range of vibrant colors and have proven performance in regards to both durability and quality. SignFoils™ ribbons deliver exceptional print quality graphic images on most vinyls used for sign production, and can be used as an alternative to the OEM thermal transfer ribbon. SignFoil® thermal transfer ribbons feature superior performance characteristics including chemical resistance, abrasion, scratch and heat resistance, UV light resistance and are designed for outdoor durability and harsh environments.

Safety Signs

Thermal transfer ribbons are also available for use in the safety sign and color label printing market. These resin ribbons can be used on most digital sign printers in the market, and print on a wide variety of label stocks and sign substrates including: polyesters, vinyls, polypropylenes and paper stocks. Resin ribbons are UV lightfast, washable, and abrasion, scratch and steam resistant. Safety colors are matched to “RAL” specs.

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