Coding Products manufactures Authenti-Mark™ security resin thermal transfer ribbons that are integrated with security features for the purpose of brand protection, diversion control and counterfeit protection. Authenti-Mark™ ribbons print clear or black, and look like a standard thermal transfer ribbon until exposed to UV light where they will glow blue. Ideal for use on product labels, safety badges, security cards and packaging, Authenti-Mark™ security ribbons allow you to easily incorporate brand protection and/or counterfeit prevention into your existing printing systems. These unique resin ribbons are:

  • Extremely durable, and once applied difficult to remove
  • Designed with counterfeit prevention features that can be applied to product labels, tags and tickets
  • Ideal for security labeling applications, as overt, covert and combination security features can be used (i.e., masking, color-shift, UV fluorescing inks, etc.)
  • A “drop-in” solution
  • Easily implemented, can use your existing printing equipment
  • A secure solution that allows you to maintain security integrity by applying in-house

We also have the ability to incorporate security elements into our hot stamp foils, bringing you the ability to authenticate, track, identify and mark your branded product.

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